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We think it is quite impossible to write anything here that will sum up who we are and everything we love, but we will say this: we were friends first, business partners second, husband and wife third. Our story is fun, involves a good chase (we’ll leave it to you to guess who was in hot pursuit of the other), and currently has us creating an incredible life together in Calgary, Alberta.

One of our favourite things is sharing a meal together around our table with people we cherish. Sancia enjoys learning about wine, and Mitchell is embarking on a bread-making adventure.

We believe that leaving time in our days to be our goofy selves adds fulfillment to our life.

We think marriage is super rad.

Going to shows and buying vinyls for each other was how our individual stories began to intertwine, and we are in continuously in awe of the way music moves people, to feel, to dance, to laugh and to sing.

Mitchell dreams of going to Greece, and Sancia searches for flights to New Zealand at least once a week.

Sancia is pronounced San-chya, and our last name rhymes with ‘both’.

We are obsessed with Thai food, and if you are prepared to be unsatisfied with every other Thai restaurant forever, we will share our favourite spot with you.

Sancia is an extrovert, an enneagram 2w1 (helper), and an ENFJ. Mitchell is an introvert, an enneagram 9w1 (peacemaker) and an INSJ.

Despite our differences, a common desire to create is truly the core of our life together. It is often surreal to acknowledge that we create images and films of your beautiful stories for a living. Thank you for making this possible.