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February 26, 2019


Santorini has always been on Mitchell’s travel bucket list. In past years we had visited Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, ending just shy of the Greek islands. With hopes of getting pregnant, making our way to Europe before welcoming a new member of our family didn’t seem very realistic. So, without him knowing I sneakily used up some WestJet dollars and booked a flights during a rare two week window between weddings. I also secretly planned to have dear friends of our surprise him in the London airport on route to the Island. It was perfect timing. Two weeks after sharing my plans with him we found out I was pregnant.

Joseph and Kathryn have been wonderful friends and the best travel companions we could have asked for over the past few years. We have vacationed together in Mexico (on our honeymoon), Portland, and along the Mediterranean coast. It seemed only appropriate that we spend our baby moon together too.

When we are traveling without work agendas we tend not to bring along a lot of gear. Usually Mitchell has our Fuji around his neck but otherwise we want to experience a place without feeling pressure to photograph it. That being said, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend some time with these two in front of our cameras, basking in the last warm rays of sun before it disappeared behind the caldera. We hope these images bring you some warmth, or inspire you to book a tropical vacation of your own.

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