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August 5, 2016


Tara and Cam treated us to a magical walk through North Vancouver for their engagement session. They had scouted out a waterfall tucked away in a grove of trees and ferns. Rich colours and natural light are two primary elements of our work so to be surrounded by such lush vegetation as the sun set was refreshing for us both. We were very disappointed to part ways from our new friends when the evening was over.

It has become rare for us not to have plans to visit the beautiful British Columbia and people often ask us if we would ever consider moving out to the coast. The answer is absolutely yes, someday. Not only do we both have family and dear friends out West, but our hearts feel so at home as soon as we pass through Hope into the greater Vancouver area. Our home base is in Calgary, and we love every second of what we do here. That being said, we are grateful for any opportunity to collaborate or work in BC (and have been saving our WestJet dollars in order to do so more often).

We shared the short film from this session earlier this year, but every time we watch it we feel creatively alive. So here it is again.



That last photo of them among the tall trees is epic. Love it.