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June 14, 2016


Oregon has officially¬†won our hearts. A road trip through Seattle to Portland and then back up along the coast was an ideal way to wrap up our off season and we wouldn’t have wanted to explore with anyone else but these two rad humans. Joseph + Kathryn have been incredible travel companions over the past couple of years. (You might recognize them from our Europe photos.) They are very patient on days when we just cannot get enough of the scenery and need subjects for our images. In this particular case they had purchased a session with us at a fundraiser, and so our time in Oregon was a little bit more official than normal. Needless to say, these two killed it and we had the privilege of exploring Wahclella Falls with them.

We are incredibly grateful for Joseph + Kathryn for many reasons. To begin, their wedding was the first that Mitchell ever captured on video, kickstarting what is now his full time job. They have hosted us countless times when we decide we just need a little visit to the West Coast, Joseph emceed our wedding, Kathryn stepped up as a last minute coordinator, and they actually came on our honeymoon with us. We have a mutual appreciation for donuts, Chic-Fil-A, warm weather beaches. We also know that we travel well together and can put up with each other in small spaces (if our stomachs are full).



These pictures are gorgeous!! I’m in awe…