This Rocky Mountain wedding took the cake (quite literally – see later photos) for having the most breathtaking location of our 2016 season.  We left Calgary early in the morning and found ourselves heading through the foothills, arriving (without any cell phone service) on the acreage where Emily was getting ready. The morning with the girls was relaxed, and we couldn’t help but notice that everything seemed to come together so effortlessly (for the girls, anyways). Mitchell had somewhat of an adventure taking our little Chevy Sonic out to meet the groomsmen and their horses, but avoided a high centred vehicle and was able to spend some time with them before heading to the ceremony.

As you’ll see, words aren’t required to justify how stunning the ceremony site was, and we seriously stood in awe of its beauty for the entire hour we were there. The wooden arch was wrapped in greenery and florals, a grand piano had been transported up, live music was being played, and small rays of warm sunshine were hitting the range of mountains in the distance. Despite the freezing wind that blew across the hill, guests bundled up with coats and blankets, awaiting the bride and groom.

Emily + Logan’s day was full of sweet moments, but we have decided that the sweetest of all took place just after the ceremony. Emily (an incredible pianist) expressed a desire to go play her parents piano before it was taken back down the hill. She sat down, started playing, and a look of confusion crossed her face as she said, “This isn’t your piano”. Logan and her parents smiled, and explained that she was right, and that it actually was her wedding gift!

The reception took place in the most beautiful barn we have ever seen. The family style tables were set with china and lined with the wooden flower boxes, and a massive floral wreath hung above the head table. Family and friends shared memories of the couple and heartwarming blessings for their future together. When it came time for cake, Emily + Logan took a knife for the ceremonial cut, at which point Logan was handed a chain saw!

It was a day to remember for many reasons, and we are so grateful that Emily + Logan gave us the opportunity to share in these incredible memories!




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