This Saskatoon Farm wedding could not have been more perfect. Every detail was put together with incredible love and care. Fresh raspberries layered a naked cake, Saskatoon Berry sangria provided refreshment during cocktail hour, white chiffon was draped from the pergola over the ceremony, and guests found themselves seated under rows of hanging flower baskets at dinner. Jordan’s mom had located a stunning vintage couch (which the Saskatoon Farm staff graciously transported to the field of berry bushes), and the bride and her maids were welcomed to the farm by a litter of darling kittens.

However, despite all of the little pretty things, the profound sense of joy that we felt from their family and friends as JP + Jordan made their beautiful lifelong commitment to each other trumped everything else. Tears were shed as parents celebrated their children’s love, and constant words of encouragement and blessing were spoken over the couple. The greenhouse was bursting with laughter as the groom’s siblings serenaded them with a parody of Lorde’s ‘Royal’, making fun of the couple’s sleeping habits, and the way that JP quietly looked at his new wife in complete adoration seriously warmed our hearts.

As we drove away from the reception, all we could talk about was how wonderful the celebration had been and how grateful we were to be a part of it. JP + Jordan, we wish you all the best as you travel the world together. We are excited to call you friends and are already looking for excuses to make a New Zealand visit in the near future!

(Just a little extra note, we had the pleasure of working alongside Marcelo Productions as they created JP + Jordan’s wedding film. They are from New Zealand, they are awesome, and you really should check it out.)






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