15 ON 15

It’s always a challenge to crawl out of the bed on Monday mornings, and we quite literally mean crawl as our mattress is on the floor. Our alarms go (which we both snooze at least twice), we roll from the edges of our king bed to the middle where we hold each other for a moment, kiss, and grumble about how early it is, before forcing ourselves apart out of the fear that we will fall asleep again. Our immediate next thought is always ‘coffee’.

After a big cup of goodness, we decided to start our week with a trip to our Crossfit box. It got us moving, sweaty, and energized to face the day. We then ventured to Café Rosso in Ramsay to grab a few copies of the new Dote Magazine. We are so excited to have images in another article and since we haven’t been in Calgary for much of the past month we hadn’t had a chance to see them in print! No trip to Rosso is ever complete without a Breakfast Sandwich (for Mitchell) and a Verona wrap (for Sancia), and so we treated ourselves to a little date before returning home and to work.

Monday afternoons are often a bit scattered as we try to check off the items we left be over the weekend and set ourselves up for a successful week. Today this meant packaging up a wedding, sending off some galleries, attempting to start the ever so daunting task of writing client and family holiday cards, and beginning to compile a wedding film. We were in Nashville last week and somehow hadn’t managed to unpack our tiny suitcase meaning laundry was on the docket as well. None of this, however, was done without putting on a vinyl of the band we saw on our trip, Johnnyswim. If you haven’t heard of them, go look them up right now!

Our life is simple. It’s often full, but very simple. We are grateful for it. There are days when managing a work / life balance is challenging because being home often means working. But we love creating images and films, dreaming together, high fiving when we pay our bills, making pour over coffee and breakfast together every day, and watching first and final drafts of wedding films in each other’s arms.

It’s pretty special.

The Loop

There are many more incredible Canadian creatives participating in this round of 15 On 15 and we are absolutely honored to point you towards Jamie Hyatt. She is an incredible woman who we have grown to admire. She truly wears her heart on her sleeve and exudes joy. Her eye for light and detail is incredible and we are proud to call her a friend! Check out her work on Instagram or on her blog, or even napchat (jamhyatt – trust us, it’s worth it).

We rely heavily on the support of fellow creatives and photographers in our city, many of whom we call friends, and are excited to be a part of promoting a culture of community over competition!




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