This maternity session has a very special place in our hearts for a number of reasons. Exactly three years ago to the date, Cam and Emmalina trusted us to capture their wedding photos and video. We had some experience, but were definitely in the beginning stages of establishing our businesses (which were still separate at the time). Their wedding day marked seven years together as a couple, and one year since Cam had proposed to Emmalina in Portugal.

Over the past three years we have had the great privilege of getting to know them better. We have so admired the way that they care for and affirm each other, the way that they speak about one another with such fondness, and tackle challenges with a united front. More recently we had dinner and listened to them talk about their pregnancy and upcoming life with their new little one. As they both shared such an incredible desire to create a home for their new family member, we couldn’t have been more confident that their child would be cherished beyond words.

So, congratulations are in order. May 18th marks ten years together, and three married. And earlier this month they welcomed their precious daughter into the world (who we cannot wait to meet)! We have already had to fight back tears reading their posts and watching from afar as they have embarked on this new adventure together.

Cam and Emmalina, thank you for trusting us three years ago, and still making the time to be a part of our lives even now. We wish you a happy (and restful) third anniversary!




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